A descriptive article on Bursa Wholesale Market

Yapi (Monthly Architecture Design Culture and Art Magazine) leaves a descriptive article regarding Bursa Wholesale Greengrocers’ and Fishmongers’ Market in its Volume 338 dated January 2010.

TCA in architektur aktuell

2009-12-30 The 357th volume of leading Austrian Architecture Journal architektur aktuell dated December 2009 bears the title of “Türkei Im Schnittpunkt” (Turkey on Point of Intersection) and allocates a long part for Bursa Whole Greengrocers’ and Fishmongers’ Market Project of TC Architects.

European Steel Design Awards 2009 for TCA

TCA is deemed worthy of European Steel Design Award 2009 held once in every two years with a special ceremony held in National Theatre of Catalonia, Barcelona. http://www.steelconstruct.com/awards/2009/

1000X European Architecture published Bursa Wholesale Greengrocers and Fishmongers Market

Bursa Square Project among leading 1000 Landscape projects of the world

The different geographical and social contexts shape the design of the creative and playful solutions applied to 1000 projects from around the world. While the main focus are parks and gardens, this publication also presents numerous other types of categories such as greened façades, stone gardens, memorials and waterscapes.  

Malls&Department Stores publishes Bursa Wholesale Greengrocers and Fishmongers Market

03.01.2008 Retail trade has recognized the opportunity of qualification and individualization through high-grade buildings. The trailblazers of outstanding and innovative commercial architecture today are, first of all, the inner city shopping malls and department stores. In many downtowns, modern shopping facilities have been developed as new focal points of attraction. Moreover, these new multi-functional complexes encourage the process of longterm revitalization of the inner cities. The richly illustrated volume, provided with detailed planning material shows the latest tendencies in shopping […]

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